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The Best craftsmanship for Every Enviroment.

It doesent matter if it is a Million dollar National Historic Treasure

or a modest little home built with love a hundred years ago, but now in disrepair

If it Matters to YOU,

it Matters to US.


Finishes That Suit The Way You Live.

Our beautiful finishes are both durable

and easily repairable

for when life happens.


Satisfying Sexy Finish.

We often use traditional buffing and waxing techniques to bring out the luxyry, enhance lustre and build the sexy smooth alluring touchability that  a great finish should have.


Elegance in Every Corner.

Nothing is overlooked.
Everything is sacred.

Highly Liveable Interiors.

Your domain is for comfort, for protection, for relaxation, for entertaining, for Raising a Family.

We can make your home a better place.

Floors and stairs

We take great pride in providing stunning results with simple floorsanding and staircase refinishing projects. Our work stands above.

Doors and Windows

We make your doors and windows work and look great. The quality of Old time craftsmanship is preserved and reproduced.

Cabinets and Built ins

We can refresh antigue workmanship or build anew so it feels like it was born with the Home.

Interior Design Solutions For Anywhere.