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Historic Oak Refinishes Hardwood Floors

What’s Different about the way I do Floors?

We strive for a furniture quality finish on an architectural scale.  We use a truly beautiful and proprietary Blend of the highest quality Shellac as our sealer and color coat. It makes the floors look warm and natural yet vibrant and dynamic, with a unique three dimensional shimmer that winks at you like a cat eye or bicycle reflector. It’s pretty cool. 

Our Floors have to pass the sock test.  The nature of Hardwood Floor refinishing makes it virtually impossible to have a perfect, dust free finish every time, everywhere, but we still try for perfect. Almost every floor Ive seen professionally done besides our feels chunky and scratchy with dust and grit, especially in corners and around radiators. That drives me nuts.  We double vacuum and then tack off the dust for a much much cleaner, smoother surface.  It needs to Feel smooth and sexy while slipping and sliding around in just socks. 
We also add inspection steps, with harsh low angle light to make every imperfection in the floor visible and fixable BEFORE the finish goes on. We bring a level of attentiveness that most contractors cant be bothered with or even paid extra to perform.

We are CRAFTSMEN, ( and women) We invest the time we save with fast drying floor finishes into more thorough preparation. This brings a sense of depth and a three dimensional shimmer to the floor that is truly beautiful to behold. 

Our floor finishes dry fast, are non-toxic and don’t have the lingering odors of the oil finishes that most of the local contractors use. 

We sand our floors to a higher grit, Which is higher than the manufacturers recommend for the highly toxic oil-based stains that most floor sanders use.

I use an entirely different system which is a more light fast color system, (meaning my stains resist fading and hold their true color longer) I find it’s more even. it’s more durable and penetrates more deeply.

 I just think it looks prettier. You will too.

My Standards are Higher.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most highly regarded and recommended professional floor sanding teams in the area, There are some great teams out there and I respect the hard work they do.

but my standards are higher

I look more closely.

When they wrap up their tools for the day,

and put away their Sanders and say they’re ready to stain,

I look more closely at a floor,  and see that it still needs more work, so I take it one step further; a full grade finer and I polish the floors again. This step is to find and fix the little swirl marks, ridges and other imperfections that come from the heavy high powered floorsanding tools. We work the perimeters and corners and really focus on the details. we spend more time, because it really makes a difference. Not a minute is wasted. This is the most valuable time on the jobsite. This is Our legacy. 

I just think it looks prettier.

I polish the floors again,

so that the refractive nature of the wood,

the real lens,

the real figure really comes out.

This gives the floors a rich, dynamic look, almost like a cat eye or bicycle reflector, that winks as you or the light moves over it.

The benefits to you are simple

It’s a prettier floor. We work harder to obsessively find and remove the scratches and swirls that are often overlooked by other firms.

Non Toxic

Less dust, less odor.

The research I’ve done shows that the catalyzed water base top coats we use outperform all of the oil finishes that some other contractors recommend.

Move in Faster

The time between when we first begin finishing and when you can safely reuse the floors and replace your furniture is shorter with the faster drying finishes that we use.

Furniture quality finish, on an architectural scale.